Hello, it's me.

Everything you ever wanted to know, minus a couple secrets


Hello there :D

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Kyoko Locussol and I enjoy the simple things in life.

Other things I enjoy include late night bicycle rides, photography, the moon, cold beers on a summer day, mulled wine on a winter night, geometric shapes, live music, panoramic views, astrology, noodle soup, and, of course, really strong coffee.

I am a web designer from Washington, DC. I earned a Certificate in Web Design from Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts after completing a degree in Mathematics at McGill University. These two degrees proved to be a strong foundation for design work, as it allowed me to express both my excitement for innovation and affinity for problem solving. I had the chance to work as a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, one of America's leading strategy and technology consulting firms. I strengthened my web design skills and grew to understand the importance of user centered designs during my time there.

In September 2015, I decided to pursue a career as a freelance web designer while I traveled through South East Asia. I wouldn't call myself a digital nomad, maybe more of an electronic vagabond. Or something like that ;) During my travels, I have developed a huge interest for film and digital photography. You can follow my journey through my blog or on Instagram.

My next adventure will take me to New Zealand where I hope to root myself in its creative scene. Come say hi!